MathAlive! Now open in Abu Dhabi for Families and School Groups

MathAlive! will appear in Abu Dhabi at Umm Al Emarat Park 21 Dec. – 3 Feb.

The traveling exhibition offers visitors the chance to ride a snowboard in a 3D experience, design (and play) their own video games, capture their 360-degree images in a unique interactive, program a Mars rover, and even design custom skateboards for “pop” – the quick, snapping motion that allows a board to do the best tricks. Plus, visitors in Abu Dhabi will have the opportunity to test their goalie skills in a new football interactive challenge.

MathAlive! is presented by Raytheon.

The MathAlive! exhibit uses 40 unique, interactive experiences to transform math from its native form into the fascinating applied worlds of design, engineering, technology and science.

There are six themed main galleries covering more than 500 square metres space:

  • Outdoor Action … Adventure Sports
  • Build Your World … Environment
  • Future Style … Style and Design
  • Kickin’ It … Entertainment
  • Game Plan …Video Games and Other Games
  • Robotics and Space

Visitors can choose videos of people working in a range of fields and industries–including many in the region–and hear how they use mathematics in their professions or crafts.

There is no charge for admission into the exhibition (park admission fees apply). Reservations are not required.

School Groups are Welcome
The exhibition is appropriate for primary school groups (grades 3 and above) and secondary school groups. Reservations are not required. Attendants will be in the exhibition to help. The Park provides parking and other accommodations for school groups. Admission for school groups to the exhibition is free (park admission fees apply). Click here for more information for school groups.

Special opening timings have been arranged for school groups: 8.30 am – 12:30 pm Sunday – Thursday, from 6 Jan. through 3 Feb. (MathAlive! is also open to families and the public from 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm Sunday-Thursday, and from 2:00 pm – 10:00 pm Friday and Saturday.)

The exhibition will appear in the Exhibition Hall, located in the main building at the entry to the Umm Al Emarat Park.

Plan your visit soon! For more information, click here. For information about visiting Umm Al Emarat Park, visit